Antique Tractor Show May 20, 2023

The Carroll County Antique Tractor & Machinery Club has a gathering at Adams Mill one weekend late in May. There is food and entertainment as well as a great collection of antique equipment that was used in this area when the Mill was open for business! This year a car show and guest from the International Circus Hall of Fame will also be featured.

Celebrate the Wildcat at Adams Mill! - June 10, 2023

This annual event is co-sponsored by Adams Mill and Wildcat Guardians. Food and drinks will be available for sale. Events for children included.

Summer Beach Party, July 1, 2023

Old West Festival and Flea Market, July 15, 2023

Drum Circle - Miami Indians, August 12, 2023

Also includes craft show, pitch-in dinner, and flea market.

Jeep Show and Flea Market, September 17, 2023

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